a home for ar creators in sunny la ☀️

meet our creators


What is the AR house?

It’s many things! A beautiful co-working/co-living mansion in the Hollywood Hills. A membership-based community for the best AR creators in the world. A 4-week program that teaches and inspires creators about emerging tech and community-living. A hub for events, gatherings, and all things AR.
But most importantly, it's a home our creators can always come back to.

I’m an AR creative! Can I live at the house?

Yes! Fill out the form to apply to be part of the next cohort. We select up to 12 creators at a time to come live at the house for the month.

I'm not in AR, but I’m interested in joining. Can I?

We're always on the look out for mavericks and wildcards. If you consider yourself curious and creative, we'd love to get to know you more and be your introduction to augmented reality.

I don't live in the US! Can I still apply?

Yes! We welcome people from all countries and backgrounds. Please apply!

Is this a welcoming place for all people?

We welcome people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, sexual and gender orientations 🌈 We feel we have a rare opportunity to elevate a diversity of voices in the space and want to do that to the best of our ability. In many ways we're deciding what reality will look like so it's essential everyone gets representation in that.

AR House is a safe space

Toxic behavior = immediate ban from our community. Simply put, AR House is a harrassment, assault, and discrimination free place. We take this very seriously to ensure members and guests have a great time at our home and our community continues to be a beacon of creativity and joy.

If I get selected to join the AR house, how long will I stay?

Expect a one month stay! AR house invites new members every month to keep membership growing.

Will I keep 100% ownership of my work?

You keep 100% ownership of your work, projects, IP, and time.

Am I a resident/freelancer/contractor? Do I need to file taxes?

No, you are not working for AR House. Instead you become a member of an ever-growing community which comes with perks like staying at the house.

Will I get access to AR hardware and software?

Yes! We have multiple Snapchat Spectacles, Quest 2s, and a plethora of AR-enabled mobile devices, a 360 volumetric capture studio in the garage, 3d printer, and a state-of-the-art 3D workstation.

How is AR House funded?

LA mansions are expensive.. however the AR House is funded entirely from donations and sponsorships from the AR community! These are creators and startups that shared the same dream and threw money at us to make it happen. i.e. we don't bow to Big Metaverse. We also ask members for donations to help cover monthly expenses like electricity, coffee, regular catered food, and events.

When is the move in date?

The move in date is the 1st of every month. The next move in date is July 1st.

Are rooms shared or private?

We have three spacious shared rooms with bunkbeds. Don't worry, we have plenty of other spaces to chill in, the bedrooms are really just for sleeping.

I can't come, can I still get involved?

We get it, it's not the right time for you, that's okay. Reach out to hello@arhouse.la anyways and introduce yourself! We'll be in touch.

How do I hear about upcoming events at the house?

Add our public events calendar so you never miss a chance to come visit!